Men's Shoes

Welcome, this page is exclusively for Men looking for shoes that can be worn for work and casual wear This page displays classy high-end dress shoes, beautifully crafted boots, sneakers of all colours and persuasions, moccasins, driving shoes. Business Insider found that "research shows that 80 per cent of hiring executives say shoes are 'extremely important' in creating the right impression in work environments, but only 51 per cent of young men even wear appropriate shoes to an interview."
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    Men's Sneakers

    Menswear's increasing obsession with luxury sneakers is the very definition of hitting the ground running. There's a lot of different footwear trends that have gone through the years and every time someone pushes it to a new state that opens up a new era. Designing a sneaker whose production method mimics that of a classic leather shoe is one of the details that distinguish this project from other customisation offerings. It ensures that each shoe achieves a level of comfort available only in a bespoke pair. Sheets of brightly carved leather are cut both by hand and by laser, then moulded into the skeletal structure of each shoe. The most important goal? Comfort.
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    Men's Backpacks

    These days, however, the men's luggage landscape is an altogether different place, and this practical type of bag has become the gold standard. Fickle fashionistos who would've turned up their noses and scoffed at the idea of wearing one just five years ago are now the same people parading them around proudly at fashion weeks the world over, along with cross-body bags.